Baby’s First Beach Outing

Taking a trip to the beach with your little one can be an amazing experience, and it really doesn’t have to be scary or challenging. Many parents avoid taking their baby to the beach until they are older, but even newborn babies can enjoy a short outing to the beach. It is all about being sensible, being prepared and being aware of what you need to do in order to protect your baby against nature’s sometimes harsh elements.

After three children, we have a fair idea of how to tackle that first trip to the beach with your new baby. Here are some of our best tips to help you have an enjoyable and memorable experience.


A fantastic way to keep your baby safe from the sun’s harsh UV rays is to use a beach tent. Not only are beach tents great for shade, but they also provide cover away from wind, the scratchy sand and beach noise. We love using a small baby beach tent for naptimes as well as for some privacy at breastfeeding times. You can find our list of our favorite baby beach tents by clicking here.

The best tent will provide full covered shade and will be well-ventilated tent so the consistent air flow will keep baby as cool as possible. For extra comfort it’s best to find a padded tent so that baby doesn’t have to sleep on the hard sand. If the tent is not pre-padded, simply place a large beach towel or portable newborn baby bouncer inside of the tent so that baby can lay down or recline comfortably.

There are also tents on the market that will accommodate an entire family at the beach, so if you love watching baby as he/she sleeps, it might be worthwhile investing in a larger size tent.


Since it will likely be a warm day when you go to the beach with your baby, it will be necessary to keep the baby hydrated. Since the baby needs to be hydrated this means that you will have to breastfeed a bit more than you normally would at home. If you are breastfeeding remember that it is important to keep yourself more hydrated as well.

If baby is old enough to drink water, you can also look at grabbing some cheap water bottle spout adapters, so that you can turn a normal water bottle into a baby bottle. You can find many other nifty baby beach gear items on our baby gear post here.


We all know that a baby’s skin is sensitive. So, it is probably no surprise that you will need to protect the delicate skin from both the sun and the wind. But it is recommended that only babies aged 6 months+ use sunscreen, so what is the best way to protect baby?

Our biggest tip is to ensure that you grab some swimwear for your baby that has a UPF rating of at least 30+. Use long sleeves where possible and grab a nice large brimmed sunhat while you are at it! Find a shady spot if you can or ensure you have a lovely large sun umbrella or beach tent.

For babies older than six months, consult the Environmental Working Group’s “Best Scoring Sunscreen Lotions for Kids.”


Although you may think it convenient to bring a baby stroller with you to the beach, it’s very difficult to navigate a stroller through the sand. In all honesty it can be a pain to maneuver around.

Bring a baby carrier with you to the beach instead. You can wear the baby carrier and it will be a lot more convenient for you to walk through the sand while baby wearing your bub – leaving both arms free to carry all the beach gear. You can also use the baby carrier to help baby fall asleep and it really helps to protect the little babies from the wind (if there is any) as well. Just make sure that you get a carrier that is breathable so that baby can stay cool.


Bringing an affordable battery-operated fan to the beach for the baby will keep the baby cool in the warm weather. There are several types and styles of battery operated fans that you can bring with you and most of them are super cheap.

It might seem like over-kill, but the fan is a great backup when the ocean breeze disappears. We also love using our fan inside the baby beach tent to help with airflow. Anything to keep the baby more comfortable and happy is a worthwhile investment in my eyes.


Taking your baby to the beach will be a fun experience if you follow these tips. Knowing how to keep the baby comfortable is above all the most important thing when going to the beach. And a happy baby = happy parents and that is after all what an outing the beach is all about!

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This guest post is by Andrzej & Jolene of Wanderlust Storytellers, a widely successful family travel blog. Andrzej, the dad of the family, was born and bred in Poland and immigrated to Australia with his family. Jolene, the Mum, originally from South Africa, also immigrated to Australia with her family when she was 21. Together they are raising three gorgeous daughters: Katie-Lee who is 11, Lily who is 7 and the newest addition, Avalee-Rose, who is 4 months old. A whole family of “wanderlusters,” a family that loves to tell their stories, a family that wants to chase dreams! They love sharing their passion for travel with people all around the globe. If you would like to read more about their story, click here Facebook l Instagram l Twitter

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