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Every mom has seen it: Two kids, running at full speed, colliding and bonking heads. Whether it is a tottering baby, two children jumping on a trampoline, or a group of kiddos running through sprinklers, kids bonk their heads. They get sick too. The longer you’re a mom, the more familiar you become with impetigo, post-nasal drips, ear infections and lots of other common ailments. Because moms become part-time specialists on the these ailments, many come to find the gentle but powerful system of medicine called homeopathy. In fact, homeopathy is so popular among women and moms that it is often called the “mothers medicine.”

From Louisa May Alcott , the author of Little Women, to model Cindy Crawford, and from Mother Theresa to the typical soccer mom, women all around the world use homeopathy. Millions of women and moms worldwide have learned and employed this gentle medicine to comfort and heal their children and families.


Homeopathy is different from other natural medicines such as herbs, supplements, and essential oils. It is its own specific paradigm of natural medicine that has been regulated by the FDA since 1988. During these 30 years, there have been virtually no safety issues for consumers who use homeopathy. Because it is such a gently powerful medicine, mothers have come to trust it completely.

“Gentle, powerful medicine that heals and is FDA regulated?” Sign me up, right? In spite of this long-standing positive relationship between homeopathy and the FDA, in December 2017 the FDA launched prejudiced actions against homeopathy, which could result in injuring the homeopathic industry, and ultimately your right to access this medicine.


In 1988, the FDA released the Compliance Policy Guide (CPG) section 400.400 (CPG) that has clearly outlined the rules for the manufacturing and marketing of homeopathic medicine. This CPG has been mutually beneficial for both the FDA and the homeopathic industry (moms included). However, because the CPG hadn’t been updated in nearly 30 years, the FDA decided to hold a hearing in 2015 to ask for industry and public input into updating the CPG. In response to the hearing, the FDA decided to completely withdraw the CPG 400.400!

This action risks stripping the homeopathic industry of the clear guidance they need to comply with FDA standards. Without the CPG 400.400, the homeopathic industry is subject to the arbitrary enforcement actions of the FDA, which will be enforced at the sole discretion of its deputies. The FDA should not rescind a guidance that has proven itself effective to both the industry and consumers for 30 years!


An organization comprised of mothers, Americans for Homeopathy Choice, defends homeopathy and the mothers’ right to use homeopathy. These moms question any action of the FDA that would limit their access to homeopathic medicine. Mothers! We need your help! Please visit Americans for Homeopathy Choice and take 5 minutes to copy, paste and send a letter to your representatives.  At Americans for Homeopathy Choice you’re just a few clicks away from helping your representatives hear your voice. Then, if you want to make an even stronger impact, go on to send a letter to the FDA. We’ve included an easy to follow outline on our site. Click. Click. Click. Let your voice be heard!

Paola Brown is the president of Americans for Homeopathy Choice. She is the mother of three and lives with her family on a Texas farm, where (at peak production) they raise about 80% of their food. She has been a college professor for 13 years and is an activist advocating for homeopathy.  Paola sits on the board of the Texas Society of Homeopathy, but most importantly, she is the president of Americans for Homeopathy Choice. She is not a homeopath but is a mom who is passionate about homeopathy, using it as the primary form of healthcare for her family and animals. Because Paola Brown is not a health professional, she can speak freely about homeopathy, and how it has cured her of many autoimmune issues.


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