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If you think that healthy food is expensive, think again. Healthy food is not expensive, and unhealthy food can be. I made the switch to healthy eating a few years back because I wanted to lose weight and live an active lifestyle. And you’ll be quite surprised to know that I ended up saving more money than I had planned.


There are many ways to eat healthy on a low budget. And cooking food at home falls under that category. We all know how expensive it is to eat out. Plus, when you cook at home, you know and can decide what goes into your food. And there’s nothing healthier than this!


When foods are less processed, they are cheaper in price. This means shredded cheese is more expensive than block cheese and canned beans are not as affordable as dried ones.


A cheap, healthy diet plan doesn’t tolerate junk food. Processed foods, prepackaged meals, cookies, crackers, and sodas are not only unhealthy but heavy on the wallet too. Just imagine how much more money you’ll end up saving like this! You can even use all the extra dollars to spend on healthier, higher quality foods. Your body doesn’t need unhealthy ingredients that offer zero nutritional value.


Purchasing fresh fish and meat is expensive, isn’t it? So it’s better to use less expensive cuts of meat. These don’t drill a hole in your wallet. Plus, you can use this kind of meat for stir-fry, stews, soups, casseroles, and burritos. They are perfect for cooking big meals along with having leftovers to enjoy later.


Do you want to learn how to eat healthy on a tight budget? Packing your lunch. So the next time you want to indulge in a snack or meal at work, you can simply eat what you brought from home. All the more reason to cook large meals, isn’t it?


The best way to understanding how to save money while still eating healthy is sticking to the original plan. If you’ve gone through the trouble of creating a healthy grocery list, then stick to it.

I know how difficult it can be to avoid making unintended purchases at the supermarket. But it’s something that you need to do if you want to save money and stay fit.

The most efficient way to go about this is to first stroll through the supermarket’s perimeter. More often than not, this is the place that contains most of the whole foods. So that’s what you’ll be filling your cart with.


Fish lovers, please take note. All types of healthy diets consist of fish and buying fresh fish is not cheap. But this doesn’t mean that you stop consuming fish only to save money. Buy less expensive types of fish like anchovies, sardines and herring. Use canned fish to make tasty fishcakes. Look for line caught canned tuna.

Here’s what you can do with canned tuna:



You can save money while still eating healthy. Developing such habits and practices does sound like a difficult task, but it’s not once you know how to go about it. Once you learn how to prepare delicious, healthy dishes, there’s no limit to what you can do in the kitchen.

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