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iStock_000009275675SmallGinger Moon is the dream of three mothers who share a deep love of food, tradition and community, and a lifelong passion for social and environmental justice.

During our pregnancies, we realized that without the support we received from each other, our physical and emotional health would have suffered immensely. We owed our health and sanity to that nutrient-rich, delicious food, lovingly made for us so that we could focus on ourselves and our babies. Our life’s work suddenly became clear: We would become Food Doulas!


Ginger Moon Food Doulas “mother the mother” by providing her with holistic support: We make her revitalizing, healing foods; cook in her home to combat isolation and postpartum depression; and connect her to services and communities for her and her baby’s specific physical and socio-emotional needs. Our Food Doula Service combines the best offerings of personal chefs, nutritionists and postpartum doulas. We provide her grandmother’s comfort foods, her mother’s advice and her sister’s comradery. In this age of ever-increasing anonymity, Ginger Moon is a return to connectedness and community.

We honor our own grandmothers—from Panama, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Romania and Russia—by incorporating postpartum healing traditions from around the world with the latest findings in nutrition, to create delicious, innovative foods. Our Yummy Mommy Brownies replace processed foods with protein-dense treats, packed with spinach, black beans and eggs. Our Marinated Kale Salad has turned whole kale-fearing families into raw kale lovers —toddlers included!


We are committed to a business that makes a true difference in the lives of all mothers —our clients, ourselves, Mother Earth, and mothers everywhere: Our New Mother Registry makes our services accessible to families of every income; our workshops insure that we reach teen moms; our Prepared Meal Delivery Service will allow busy mothers to plan balanced diets.

We are a worker-owned cooperative grounded in democratic decision making; childcare and family leave are staples of the benefits we offer today, even as a startup. We are committed to doing business with vendors that adhere to fair labor practices and to purchase from local, organic, family farms. We package in reusable glass containers to shift clients’ habits toward sustainability. We encourage new mothers to practice self-care, not only because it will make her a better parent, but because she matters.


“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi 

We do this work out of a deep respect for all mothers and a vision of the world in which motherhood is revalued and reprioritized; in which all mothers experience themselves well nourished and fully supported during their pregnancies and after the birth of their children. We believe Ginger Moon is shifting the current paradigm. How lucky we are to be able to create this world we seek, one woman and one family at a time!

Every woman needs this.” ~ Marcy Tardio, CNM 


IMG_1623_p-300x199Ginger Moon is a mother-owned, worker-owned cooperative. Maricruz Badia, Alexandra Lopez Reitzes and Janvieve Williams Comrie are postpartum doulas, chefs, herbalists, and life coaches committed to a world where new mothers are well nourished and experience the specific support they need to feel healthy and cared for during their childbearing year. See for more information on their services, to sign up for the Ginger Moon Food Doula Mother Registry and to read the great recipes for pregnant and new moms.

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