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Peggy O’Mara launched today, an independent, investigative website for natural families and all those interested in healthy living and social justice. Watch the Video. Text of the video is below.


Hi. I’m Peggy O’Mara., the former editor and publisher of Mothering magazine and

I bought Mothering in 1980 because I wanted to help parents like myself to make informed choices. And, I had to sell the Mothering business in 2011 because of the economic downturn.

Since then I’ve been thinking deeply about what I really want to do. When you own your own business you no longer have the opportunity to wonder, “What do I want to do when I grow up?” But, because things changed as they did I had the chance to reinvent myself.

It didn’t take me long to realize that I want to do exactly what I’ve always done. As a new mom, in the pre-internet days, I kept a file cabinet of helpful articles that I shared them with my friends. I was always looking for ideas or tips that would make our lives easier, or inspire us to see things in a more positive way. The same is true today.

So, today I’m launching my own website under my own name:

I will be continuing my tradition of curating important ideas, excellent writing, and moving photography. And, I also hope to extend my voice into the national conversation in a new way by expanding my coverage to include not only natural family, but also healthy living and social justice.

We can become overwhelmed, even immobilized, by the social problems that we face. So, I want to report on solutions, on success stories that help us to feel more hopeful and more powerful.

And, I also want to have some fun. So, we’ll have food articles, recipes, DIY projects, and reviews of great books, music, and films.

My new site will always be a work in progress so I’d love to hear your comments, feedback and ideas about how best the site can serve you.

What issues are burning for you?

What story are you telling your family about the world?

If you had everyone’s attention for five minutes, what would you want to say?

Please join me at

You can also find me on Facebook and Twitter.

And finally, I thank you deeply for your kind support over the years.

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Peggy O'Mara

About Peggy O'Mara

Editor and Publisher of Longtime natural living advocate, award winning writer, and independent thinker.

34 thoughts on “Peggy O’Mara’s New Site

  1. Sheesh

    CONGRATULATIONS on a BIG scale!!!!!! You did something that has been incubating for a very long time
    and the birth of your own site is wonderful. I know if I were a mom-to-be or a new mom or a mother who
    wants support (and who doesn’t), this would be the spot in the universe I would go to and send others.
    Again… good job, dear friend!

  2. Laura Kelly

    YAY PEGGY!!! I love to see you branching out! You’re so dynamic! My world has loved your words/voice for a very long time! So excited for what’s next! Thanks for creating even more! I appreciate all you do! OXO

  3. Amity @GreenChildMag

    What a delight to see you in this role again, Peggy. We have followed you for so long, it feels like you never left 🙂

    Wishing you much joy and a wide, open reach to a whole new generation of parents.

    Love & Light,
    Amity Hook-Sopko & the Green Child Magazine team

  4. Felina Rakowski-Gallagher

    That voice, that wonderful voice…the one that explains everything in chewable portions (leaving room for us to ponder), with descriptions that join the perfect blend of evidence, street-smarts and practicality…thank goodness we have your voice again….did we miss you? An understatement. Welcome back!
    Felina and the ladies of the Upper Breast Side

    • adminadmin Post author

      How good to hear from you, Felina. Thanks so much for your words. Wow, they really make me feel good. Let’s find a new way to play together!

  5. Yvette

    Dear Peggy, When my babies were little (over 20 years ago) there were 2 journals to help me through; Mothering and a little newsprint one from Canada. What I loved especially, what fed me, was the edginess, from both these journals, that was beyond parenting….the stuff that took me past the norm, stretched my mind and helped me develop my critical thinking.

    What caught my eye in seeing that you are striking out again, was the “social justice” component. Please, take us to the edge. Show us how big the potential is, that it’s possible to survive and even change the world….

    I’ll be reading.

    • adminadmin Post author

      Thank you, Yvette, for your encouragement and praise. I’m really glad you like my social justice focus and yes, I do hope to take us to the edge, peak over it and see that there is indeed hope and a new way.

  6. Lawrence Williams

    Welcome back, Peggy! We’ve been missing your voice – it’s been such an important part of all of us for so long, we forgot how much it meant until we didn’t hear it any more. We’re all dancing on the edge of a breakthrough, and it’s great to have you back in the conversation!

  7. Lawrence Bronstein

    Congratulations! It is great reading your articles, ideas and passions again. Since meeting you and Mothering magazine at Omega Institute in the late 1980’s we loved getting Mothering magazine and sharing it with our patients and their families and we kept having Mothering magazine at our office for years even after our kids were grown and on their own. We look forward with sharing with out patients, friends and family. Wishing you much fun, connection and success with the new website!

  8. mamaintheboonies

    I think I can speak for the entire natural family living community when I say we’ve all been waiting with bated breath for your next move.

  9. Elise Kirar-Fannin

    This website was such a wonderful surprise, I felt teary-eyed! As a scared, guilty, self-doubting new mother ten years ago, Peggy’s words literally changed my life. I still quote the essay “When Will They” because it freed me! I feel profoundly grateful that she’s found a new medium; parents need her voice.

  10. Janny Buis

    YES YES YES!! I am so happy… I love you dear Peggy I couldn’t be happier for you and for all the people you are sure to touch and gently guide into a holistic and loving parenting journey like you have me… I introduced myself to you a couple months back at the small yummy sushi place in downtown Santa Fe, I felt like I wanted to express my gratitude to you more and share how much you touched my pregnancy and patenting over the years but I did not want to intrude in your lunch with your lovely daughter… Anyway it was one of the highlights of my life, meeting you! I admire you deeply! Many blessings on your new website… I wish all the best! Besos, Janny.

  11. Jennifer Margulis

    Dear Peggy, I miss Mothering magazine — and you — every day. It is wonderful to see this website, which has such a great design, and to read your words. I hope to see much more of you on the national scene. Social justice and speaking for the voiceless are two of the things you do best. I admire your work and your words so much. Welcome back!

  12. Mommy Theorist

    I’ve read just a few posts and am completely hooked, and as glad as everyone else for this web site’s existence.

    Since you asked what issues are pressing, I’m compelled to cast my vote!

    Right now, I’m really gung-ho on drug-free birth. I wish to see more women empowered, encouraged, and supported to try natural, vaginal birth without drugs, because I think it is the least damaging to the newborn. It’s a great effort, it hurts, it’s hard, and YOU CAN DO IT.

    Having done it once, and survived an arduous labor & delivery at home, which I could not have achieved without the support of a team of midwife and doulas and husband, I now am committed to keeping this child free of toxins.

    So, naturally, anti-vaccine stance follows, and my next topic of interest is protecting our rights in choosing not to vaccinate our family. This is really important for the long term. I’m shifting focus from the study and debate about toxins and whether or not they cause damage, to the importance of our basic right to choose!

    Thank you for considering these issues and hopefully shining your light on them for your audience.

    ~ Michelle (a.k.a., Mommy Theorist)

  13. Rebecca Albrecht

    I had been a reader of Mothering Magazine since 1981 until 2010, long after my children were grown. I am happy to find your website today. The video no longer is available. Can it be made to work?

  14. John Karevoll

    Ah! There you are. Have missed you the past few years. You and Mothering were a cornerstone of my life for decades. We need your voice, Peggy!


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